제목: Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing
저자: Brian Kurtz
브라이언 요약:

  1. 마케팅은 중요하다.
  2. 관계가 중요하다.
  3. 많이 주고 도와줘라.



브라이언 노트:


  • Direct Marketing
  • Eugene (Gene) M. Schwartz : copywriters - Breakthrough Advertising
  • This book is about direct marketing, which is measurable marketing in any medium.
  • Direct marketing is all about measurability and therefore accountability.
  1. Be involved in all your marketing efforts, even if you outsource everything.
  2. Marketing is not evil
  3. No one spends enough time on lists
  4. Customers refund transactions... Not relationships
  5. Credibility & Transparency trump all
  6. Always think direct marketing
  7. Use your personal brand in your marketing when applicable
  8. Advertising opportunities are now infinite
  9. SingleChannelMarketingissoboring

Chapter 1: Overdeliver

  • Lessons from Marty Edelston
  • 1. Outworked everyone
  • 2. Insatiable curiosity
  • 3. surrounded himself with people smarter than he was in areas where he lacked knowledge or expertise.
  • 4. focused on helping others first
  • Power of 100:0 - You give 100 percent of your effort at all times, even if the other side is giving nothing.
  • Adam Grant: Give and Take.25% are givers 19% are takers and 56% are matchers :How you give not how much you give

Chapter 2: Original Source

Chapter 3: How Paying Postage Made Me a Better Marketer

Chapter 4: List Building & RFM

Chapter 5: Offers

Chapter 6: Creative & Copy

Chapter 7: Multichannel Marketing

Chapter 8: Customer Service & Fulfillment

Chapter 9: Continuity & LTV

Chapter 10: Playing the Long Game


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