The Power of Habit





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제목: The Power of Habit / 습관의 힘
저자: Charles Duhigg
브라이언 요약: (심리학 도서)

  1. 습관의 만들어지는 과정 이해
  2. 사업에도 습관의 심리를 사용한다.
  3. 믿음이 중요한 역할
  4. Keystone Habit
  5. 의지는 기술이 아니라 근육 같다.
  6. 위기때 습관이 변할 수 있다.
  7. 우리는 습관된 것에 더 잘 반응한다.
  8. 나쁜 습관은 없애고 좋은 습관을 만드세요.


[해외도서] The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Random House Inc습관의 힘:반복되는 행동이 만드는 극적인 변화, 갤리온


브라이언 노트:

Part 1. The Habits of Individuals
1. The habit loop

  • How habits work?
  • Cue > Routine > Reward
  • Your brain can't tell the difference between bad and good habits.
  • McDonald's : everything is a consistent cue to trigger eating routines.

2. The craving brain

  • How to Create New Habits
  • Claude Hopkins: Pepsodent: Ad-Pepsodent removes the film. Check out the old commercial
  • P&G Febreze:
  • Cravings are what drive habits.
  • Claude Hopkins wasn't selling beautiful teeth. He was selling a sensation. (create a cool, tingling sensation = mint oil and chemicals.)

3. The Golden rule of habit change

  • AA: Christian Alcohol Treatment center: 12 steps (Belief is the key), member sharing stories. AA forces you to create new routines.
  • Most of the time, it is not physical. It is mental.
  • Bucs : everything was a reaction and eventually a habit rather than a choice.
  • Without a higher power in my life, without admitting my powerlessness, non of it was going to work.
  • the power of group (if it worked for that guy, i guess it can work for me.

Part 2. The Habits of Successful Organizations
4. Keystone habits, or ballad of Paul O'neill

  • O'Neil safety plan. 1. understand what happened in the first place. (Cue) 2. 24 hour report (Reward)
  • Keystone habits > small wins (and it all began with one small win)
  • Daily food log > 뭘 먹는지 확인 > I started thinking about meals differently.

5. Starbucks and the habit of success

  • Travis Starbucks employee: Willpower is the single most important keystone habit for individual success.
  • Marshmallow test.
  • Willpower isn't just a skill. It's a muscle, like the muscles in your arms or legs, and it gets tired as it works harder, so there's less power left over for other things.
  • When you learn to force yourself to practice for an hour or run fifteen laps, you start building self-regulatory strength.
  • Write out your plans
  • Starbucks angry customer LATTE method (Listen, Acknowledge, Take action by solving problem, Thank them, Explain)
  • Howard Schultz : You don't quit by mom. She trained him to "set goals".

6. The Power of a crisis

  • Emergency room crisis story
  • Good leaders seize crises to remake organizational habits.
  • Use crisis to change better organization culture.

7. How target knows what you want before you do

  • Andrew Pole, Target to figure out pregnant women behavior. (임신한 딸네 임신 관련 쿠폰 보내면...?)
  • You collect data. data and analytics. Guest ID
  • Predictive analytics department.
  • People's buying habits are more likely to change when they go through a major life event. (Pregnant women are gold mines, new parents are so valuable.)
  • Hey Ya, sticky song : sound familiar. Cue > Routine > Reward
  • Hit song science
  • Sandwiched between songs that were already popular
  • You must understand how to make the novel seem familiar.
  • Target was sending me exactly the right coupons for what I needed to buy. W'll be sending you coupons for things you want before you even know you want them.

Part 3. The Habits of Societies
8. Saddleback Church and the Montgomery bus boycott

  • the habits of a community
  • movement's leaders give participants new habits: Strong ties, Weak-tie, Close-tie.
  • The power of weak ties helps explain how a protest can expand from a group of friends into a broad social movement.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Rick Warren/ Saddleback 1. Group 2. Practical messages
  • Our goal is to help you replace some bad habits with some good habits that will help you grow in Christ's likeness.

9. The neurology of free will

  • Angie Bachmann - gambler vs Brian Thomas - sleepwalking killed wife.
  • Both were habits, Angie was guilty and Brian was innocent legally. ethically correct?


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